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Learn Spanish

1) Introduction and Greetings 2) Greetings and Pleasantries 3) I, we, you, he, she: Personal pronouns and their usage
4) Am, is, are: The 'to be' verb 'Ser' 5) Introduce yourself: name, location, profession 6) Forms of verbs
7) Which languages do you speak 8) Forms of verbs II 9) Communicating language difficulties
10) Asking for introductions 11) Talking about friends and family 12) Talking about family (II) and pets
13) Meeting new people and friends 14) Definite and indefinite articles: a, and, the 15) Expressions of time
16) Numbers in Spanish 17) Asking and telling time 18) Days of the week
19) Telling dates 20) Talking about age and birthdays 21) Practice on usage of ser and estar
22) Travel phrases (emergencies and seeking help) 23) Getting around in a new place! 24) Asking for directions
25) Genders and plural forms of nouns 26) Describing people and personality traits (using adjectives) 27) Demonstrative Adjectives (this, that, these, those)
28) Superlatives (good, best, worst) 29) Comparisons of Inequality (better than, worse than) 30) Discussing hobbies
31) Shopping 32) Shopping and Bargain 33) Eating out (Restaurant conversations, book tables, ask for menus, call waiter)
34) Eating out II (ordering food, side dishes, dish of day) 35) Eating out III (Communicating food preferences, being vegetarian, and more) 36) Taxi Conversations
37) Airport conversations 38) Hotel and Accommodation conversations 39) Train and bus inquiries
40) Direct object pronouns 1 41) Direct object pronouns II 42) Indirect object pronouns
43) Reflexive verbs 44) Daily routine 45) Expressing opinions
46) Phone conversation 47) Spanish Future Tense 48) Spanish future tense (using going to)
49) Learning vocabulary and phrases related to our home 50) Email in Spanish (writing formal and informal emails) 51) Expressing our wants and needs (verb querer, preferir, necesitar)
52) Plans and invitations 53) Spanish past tense (Regular verbs in preterite tense) 54) Spanish past tense (Most common irregular verbs in the past)
55) Spanish past tense (Past imperfect) 56) Spanish weather terms (hot, cold, rainy, cloudy, and more) 57) At the bank
58) At the bank II 59) Expressing Feelings (happy, sad, tired, bored, and more) 60) Filling out a form in Spanish
61) Talking about sports 62) Talking about soccer or football 63) Business Spanish (structure and departments in a company)
64) Business Spanish II (meetings, and buying and selling) 65) Writing a resume in Spanish 66) Computers and computer parts
67) Learning the difference between por and para 68) Most common irregular verbs (Present tense and Past tense) 69) Asking somebody out on a date in Spanish
70) Present Progressive (Continuous actions) 71) Sayings and idioms 72) Commands in Spanish
73) Expressing Love


Learn Mandarin

1) Introduction and tones in Mandarin 2) Hello in Mandarin 3) Basic greetings
4) Etiquette conversation 5) Greetings and pleasantries 6) Meeting new friends
7) Learning family names 8) Learning professions! 9) Nationalities
10) Familial relations 11) Numerals and Familial conversation 12) Occupations
13) Measure words 14) Negations 15) Numbers and currencies
16) Expression of time 17) Everyday expressions of time 18) General expressions of time
19) Overcoming language difficulties 20) Bridging the language gap 21) Hobbies
22) Describing people Part I 23) Describing people II 24) Talking about pets
25) Talking about movies 26) Conversation at a restaurant I 27) Conversation at a restaurant II
28) Organizing a party 29) Organizing a party II 30) Emergencies


Expat kids

1)Introduction 2)Grammar 3) Introducing yourself and family
4) Greetings 5) Numbers & Colors 6) Asking and giving introduction
7) Talking to friends and cousins 8) Bridging the language gap 9) At the school
10) Travel conversation 11) With friends at movie 12) Conversation at school & Being with elders
13) Conversations at a store 14) Emergencies 15) Throwing a party
16) Sightseeing 17) Expression of time 18) Mother child conversation
19) Guiding the way 20) Guiding the way(Continued)


Learn Hindi

1) Introduction (Hello in Hindi, Telling name in Hindi) 2) Basic pronouns (I, you, he, she, they, we, in Hindi) 3) Greetings, and Responding to Greetings (Good morning, good afternoon, good night, in Hindi)
4) Express gratitude (Thank you and excuse me in Hindi) 5)Etiquette conversation 6) Basic Interrogatives
7) Postpositions 8) Common interrogations and replies 9) Demonstratives and their usage
10) Usage of interrogatives 11) Asking for introductions 12) Professions
13) About yourself & Your location 14) Introducing family and others 15) Introducing a third person
16) Relationship status & Introducing help 17) Informal conversations with friends and discussing hobbies 18) Time and duration , Days and Expression of time
19) Bridging the language gap 1 20) Bridging the language gap 2


Learn Portuguese

1) Introduction 2) Greetings and pleasantries 3) Personal pronouns and their usage
4) Am, is, are : The 'to be' verb 5) Using the verb 'ser' and personal pronouns 6) Forms of regular verbs
7) Questions 8) Bridging the language gap 9) Forms of verbs ending in 'er' and 'ir'
10) Bridging the language gap (Part II) 11) Asking for introductions 12) Talking about family & friends
13) Talking about family & pets 14) Making small talk 15) Definite and indefinite articles
16) Expressions of time 17) Numbers in Portuguese! 18) Asking and telling time
19) Days of the week 20) Telling dates 21) Talking about age and birthday
22) Practice on usage of 'ser' and 'estar' 23) Emergencies, seeking help 24) Getting around in a new place!
25) Asking for directions 26) Genders of nouns 27) Genders and Plural forms of nouns
28) Demonstrative pronouns 29) Superlatives 30) Comparisons of Inequality
31) Discussing hobbies


English for Spanish Speakers

1) Aprenda saludos 2) Gracias 3) Pregunte el nombre de alguien
4) Pregunta sobre los idiomas que habla una persona 5) Pregunta a una persona donde vive 6) Responder la pregunta who
7) Aprender verbos el presente en ingles 8) Hacer una pregunta 9) Crear frases negativas hablando sobre el presente
10) Crear frases utilizando el verbo to be (ser o estar) 11) Preguntas y oraciones negativas utilizando verbo to be 12) Describir personas y objetos
13) Hablar de los colores 14) Nombrar a los miembros de la familia 15) Utilizando posesivos
16) Aprender a contar en inglés 17) Hacer preguntas 18) Hable acerca de su trabajo
19) Expresa gustos y disgustos 20) Hablar sobre lugares en la ciudad 21) Dar y pedir direcciones
22) Utilizar el verbo can 23) Preguntar el precio de algo 24) Pedir comida en un restaurante
25) Hablar sobre mascotas 26) Decir y preguntar la hora 27) Aprender los dias de la semana
28) Aprender los meses 29) Hable de las cosas que suceden en este momento 30) Hablar del futuro utilizando going to
31) Hablar del futuro utilizando will 32) Interactuar con el recepcionista de un hotel 33) Aprender los nombres de las zonas de un aeropuerto

English for Chinese Speakers

1) Introduction

English for Japanese Speakers

1) Introduction


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